Gain flings

1.5 Based on 2 Reviews

  • Leaves stains

    Since I started using Gain flings my clothes come out with stains that they didn't have before going in the wash. It has ruined several of my shirts and bed sheets.

    — Kim Crotty from MO
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  • Seniors Beware of Fling Pods

    I recently purchased Gain 3 in 1 Island Fresh flings. The packaging is NOT elderly or disabled-friendly, as it requires the use of a strong hand (or hands) for compressing the tabs on either side of the top while twisting it off. The container doesn't make it clear whether you're buying detergent or fabric softener. The word "detergent" is hidden on the front label under two warning signs. The print on the back of the container requires really good eyesight or reading glasses. The back label instructs you to look on the lid for usage instructions, where you find pictures of how many "pacs" to put into the washer according to the size of the load. The instructions telling you to put these pacs in the washer BEFORE you place your clothes into the washer are, again, in such small print as not to be noticed. Lastly, the container itself has recessed sides, supposedly for easy gripping, but can be easily dropped by someone who has weakness in their grip. With all that I have said here, GAIN is my absolute favorite detergent, but when I went to the store to buy the usual liquid, I had a horrible time discerning whether these "flings" were the actual detergent or their fabric softener. I think a little focus group might have helped alleviate some of these concerns prior to marketing.

    — from San Diego, CA
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