Febreze smallSPACES Air Freshener

2.2 Based on 4 Reviews

  • Overpowering

    Have always trusted Febreze and decided to try Small Spaces. Bought Linen & Sky for a closet. The scent was so strong after only 10 minutes that I had to remove it and air out the closet. Sadly it went in the garbage. Will not buy this again.

    — Nanc from Airdrie, Alberta
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  • bathroom air freshener

    I purchased two of these yesterday after seeing advertisement on TV .got home to see product only half full of liquid ,cant see these lasting 45 days also no smell ??

    — j houldsworth from NG12 1ET
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  • sorry

    I am sorry but NO - I have seen the commercial.. I bought several pcs right away... first one.. it took really long time till I could smell something. Opened another one - it has been two days and NOTHING!! I am not telling it´s only a bit refreshing. there is going NO smell at all out of this product! how can you sell something like that?!

    — Dena from Corpus Christi, Texas
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    Powerful, but not over powering

    Great product for smaller spaces where we don't keep an automatic air freshener. Love the smell. Last for quite some time.

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