Febreze Air Effects

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  • Febreze Air, Spring and Renewal

    Bought a 6 pack of Febreze air and Im on my 4th can and every can I have used right on the middle of the can the sprayer stops working leaving 1/2 unused liquid and as result I have to throw it away. It seems that is done on purpose so you keep buying more. Is the third 6 pack I bought and every can seems to have the same problem. I was hoping this batch was a better one.

    — JBogosian1 from NJ
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  • Won't spray

    I purchased a 4 pack all together and 2 sprayers broke it's not right to spend all that for products like this to not work

    — Michaele Carvell from Joliet Illinois
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  • Doesn't smell right

    I have been buying the Air Mediterrainean Lavender for years. Smells like a vacation, but I recently purchased 4 cans and it just isn't right. It smells horrible. I even bought some for work and it stunk up the place and not in a good way. If you have changed the formula, please go back to the old smell. SOOOOOOO much better.

    — Christine Moraetes from Lake Villa, IL
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  • Bad Batch!

    I usually buy this fragrance and have never had any issues with the scent. But this time it smells like grass and weeds. My daughter (10yrs old) even said the fragrance didn’t smell the same and actually said what it smells like. I need for PG to check their quality control because it doesn’t even have a pleasant scent. So I’m very disappointed and wasted money on 2 cans and my house smells like grass and weeds! Not the same scent otherwise I would have rated 5 stars because I normally love the gain febreeze.

    — LaLa from Florida
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