Ivory Dish Detergent

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  • Fragrance

    I was very disappointed to buy Ivory Snow and Ivory distergent and find that the fragrance has changed. I have been using this product for many years and was loved with this product This new fragrance smells like all the other cheap perfumee products on the market. This new fragrance to not allery friendly for people with sensitivities. Please return the old fragrance to Ivory!

    — L Brown from Vermont
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  • great product

    I've used Ivory dish detergent for years and think it's the best. It's the only one I'll use.

    — Dudy from Denver
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  • Not the same

    I have used ivory dish soap since I was a kid, I’m now 49. I always loved the smell of it. The new formula is not the same. Please bring the old one back!!!

    — Jackie from Tampa Florida
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  • Agree Don't Waste Your Money

    August 2020, I have bought Ivory Dishwashing soap for decades. Always loved the way it suds and cleaned and did not have to use much to get results! The only one I would buy. Now, I find that the bottles I bought from both Market Street Grocery Store and Walmart, will NOT suds up! I have NEVER had this happen with Ivory. I am really disappointed as I keep adding Ivory to hot water full blast, continuing to try to get some kind of suds. This is not a sink full of greasy dishes. This is a clean stainless steal sink and has no dishes in it. Trying to get the Ivory soap to suds and it will not. I continue to pour truly a 1/3 of a bottle into a fresh hot water sink and no suds or bubbles. It is like there is no soap in these clear 24FL oz bottles of Ivory! Was there a manufacturing problem? Was the soap that was to be added to this liquid left out? Did P&G change the formula or was there a bad batch made? I would like to know why after 40+ years of using Ivory I am now with 3 bottles of Ivory Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid that WILL NOT SUDS! Consider me a very upset consumer.

    — Katie from Texas
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  • Great product!

    This is a really great product but so hard to find! Has a light scent and works very well!

    — from North Carolina
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  • Scent

    I have used Ivory for a long time, now I noticed you have changed the scent, WHY?? I prefer to use products with very subtle scents and now Ivory dish soap has changed. Why can't you leave a product alone, there is a reason people buy it.

    — Jeannette Fleetwood
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  • Only dish soap that I can use....

    Due to a skin condition, Ivory is the best dish soap for me to use. In my small kitchen I do not have a dishwasher. Except for when my skin condition flares up, I don't mind washing dishes. Ivory has always been the best for me to use & the dishes are always clean.

    — Jane from PA
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  • Don't waste your money!

    I have been using Ivory Liquid Dish Detergent since I was a child. (I'm 65 now.) The new improved version is an absolute waste of money. Any suds you might get last less than 5 minutes. You can wash one dish and need a new dishpan of water & soap. Sadly this will be my last bottle of Ivory Liquid.

    — from Richmond, VA
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  • Irreplaceable

    I have been using Ivory dish detergent for 50+ years. Over the years I have tried other dish detergents, but none of them (to use an old saying) can hold a candle to Ivory. Nothing else is even close. Some of the others make my hands very dry, some of them make them itch, none does a better job of cleaning, and none of them is easier on my hands. I will forever use Ivory and recommend it to anyone interested.

    — Sharon Ward from Ohio
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