Mr Clean Magic Eraser

3.4 Based on 7 Reviews

  • Beware

    Oh yes. It will remove almost any stain. What the package doesn't tell you is that the magic eraser is really just super fine sandpaper that removes the finish on anything you clean. My cabinets and counters are DULL and now every little spill leaves a stain. I need to repaint my cabinets and refinish my countertops. Hate this product! Had to give it one star because there was no place to choose zero stars.

    — Annie from Los Angeles
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  • Red Lipstick in the Dryer

    Pulled my jeans and work-shirt from the dryer. To my horror, when I opened the drawer I realized I’d left my red lipstick in my jeans pocket. The lipstick was all over my clothes and the dryer. I ket the dryer cool while I researched solutions. I decided to go with my gut and use my magic eraser. I’m happy to report; it cleaned my dryer completely and took the stains out of my shirt and jeans.

    — Susan C from Ky
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  • Magic eraser

    I tried the reader for grease and grime because of arthritis I have a hard time scrubbing and I have found this product of NO help whatsoever

    — Debbie from greenup, Kentucky
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  • Best All around

    As I lay on the top of my RV scratching my head wondering how to get this mildew off the RV the easiest. They say use 30sec clean on it but it contains bleach and it may kill my grass. As a professional house keeper I think to myself I wonder what a magic eraser would do. Now I only wish your company made these thick and able to stick on a microfiber floor mop. One wipe, one cleaned it better then the bleach cleaner. So Procter and gamble please make your sheets thicker and advertises them as RV wipes. They worked amazing cut my cleaning time way over half. Thank you.

    — from Mossyrock wa
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  • Magic Eraser Fail

    I opened a new package of Magic Erasers to clean my bathtub. I was very disappointed when I used it on a wire basket I use to store toilet paper. Immediately approximately 1/3 ripped off. Another piece broke off when I used it on my soap holder. There was not a sharp edge on anything.

    — mary from eau claire, Wisconsin
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    Awesome Product

    My husband and I have just built a new living unit on an acreage. We have well water and it is full of iron. My brand new bath tub and shower was turning yellow from the water. Everything I used to try and clean it with did not work. Today I thought about the Mr Clean Magic Eraser that I have under my kitchen sink and thought I would try it. Well, I have never been more impressed with a cleaning item as I am with your Magic Eraser. In about three minutes, I had all the iron built up on my new tub and shower wiped off and it looks like new! I will tell everyone I know about this discovery. The best cleaning product I have ever used! Thank you so very much for this item. I have regained my one day off to spend with family, not scrubbing a bath tub. Amazing!

    — DChessall1 from Nipawin, Saskatchewan
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  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser

    Is the best cleaner for everything related to household duties. Although, you should try making a swiffer wet jet style mop with the Magic Eraser since it will be something more easier for customers to clean with it rather than be on the floor scrubbing away. KUDOS!

    — MColon
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