Cheer Stay Colorful Powder Laundry Detergent

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  • where's my cheer?

    I grew up with Tide in the 1950's please tell me why your BEST product is no longer available! I have used Cheer powder since 1974 and will not buy liquid detergents and absolutely will not switch to Tide for obvious reasons. Who's minding your store????? Cheer powder is 5 star in my experience whereas would rate Tide at 2 star.

    — from kerrville texas
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    CHEER powdered is Best ever detergent

    CHEER powdered Best detergent I’ve ever used. Causes no irritation to our skin like Tide and Gain do. The scent is just right. Don’t want my clothes to smell like lavender, etc. Have used Cheer 40+ years and now it’s hard to find powdered Cheer. Please tell me where I can purchase powered Cheer.

    — BHouston1 from Marietta, Ga
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