Cascade Dishwasher Detergent

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  • Cascade Commercial

    I believe the Cascade commercial is inappropriate and needs to be changed. It has overtones that is very inappropriate and can be taken the wrong way. I use a lot of other products made by Procter & Gamble but I find this one for Cascade very inappropriate.

    — TJeffries1 from Breckenridge County, Ky.
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    Unhappy Cascade With Dawn Liquid

    I was very disappointed with the results on my clear drinking glasses with the results I got from this product. I will never use it again. I might use the Cascade with Lemon. Not sure what I need to do with the large container that I have only used twice in the dishwasher. I may wash my dishes by hand with Dawn n hot water in the future or get another brand for my dishwasher. Unhappy Camper. my dishes did not look like they were clean, bright and sparkling is what I am used to seeing and serving my family with clean silverware,drinking glasses and sparkling clean dishes.

    — PChastain1 from Cartersville, Ga.
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