Bounty Paper Towels

1.8 Based on 19 Reviews

  • Unhappy

    I have used bounty towels for many years, back when I could get the Christmas, thanksgiving,

    — Donna from Knoxville , Tennessee
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  • Bad Alignment

    Could not find NOT 1 bundle in the entire store isle that didn’t have at least 1 roll in the pack (if not more) that had bad alignment in the bunch. I don’t know how that many got passed quality inspection. I’m gonna change to a different brand. The paper doesn’t even feel that great anymore anyway.

    — Angel from Millville, California
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  • Bring back the old Bounty!

    I have been using Bounty towels for years. They have always been the best paper towel. Unfortunately I am very disappointed in the quality of the Bounty towel over the last year. It is not as thick, it is hard and very coarse, it doesn't tear correctly, it doesn't absorb as much and it is just overall poor in quality as compared to the way it used to be. The rolls are smaller and more expensive as well. Please bring back the old Bounty. I will have to buy another brand if it stays this way.

    — Jeanne
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  • Shrinking size, shrinking quality

    I didn't like smaller so-called "select-a-size" perforations, but now they've shrunk again by over an inch! There's just no excuse for attempting to fool the public, either by claiming more towels in the same diameter roll by perforation (which make one have to use more length anyway to accomplish the same task) or by producing inferior product (thinner, stiffer, less absorbent, not as strong) under the old name. Consumers aren't fooled. We know what P

    — KarenR
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  • Good product

    G o o d p r oduct with the good essence and nice to use daily

    — Ajith
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  • Enough Nooooooos

    I've used Bounty for as long as I can remember. Great product but the ads are getting ridiculous with the long drawn out "nooooooooo" scripts. It's extremely annoying! Show the product - show the clean-up - happy consumer - done! No need for the ridiculous drama.

    — Melinda from Edinburgh, Indiana
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  • Bring Back The Bulldog

    Bring back the bulldog in your commercials. That’s why I started purchasing Bounty. They are great paper towels but there are other products out there and you won’t get 5 stars until I see the bulldog eat the wonton....

    — Peter from Toronto Canada
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  • Not what they used to be

    My recent purchase of Bounty Paper Towels don’t feel the same. They are coarse and thin and I am extremely disappointed. I’ve always paid more for them but considered them worth it. But if the quality is no longer there, what’s the point?

    — from Indian Trail, NC
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  • Where’s the Bounty???

    It is completely ridiculous that after 7 months of this pandemic you still aren’t making enough of these to keep stores supplied. We used to use Bounty faithfully, but are now finding that we’d prefer to buy other brands that are cheaper and in stock.

    — from Maryland
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  • Quality is not the same as it used to be

    I have always told whomever is going to the store, "Make sure it is Bounty, It doesn't pay to buy the lesser expensive paper towel". With 3 aging dogs, we go through a lot. The last 2 packs of Bounty that we purchased were not the same high quality, high absorbency product that we have become accustomed to. Something has changed and not for the better.

    — Dee VandenHeuvel from Appleton WI
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