Bounty Basic

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  • Bounty essentials

    I consider myself to be a paper towel "snob" and have always only bought Bounty Paper Towels. During the pandemic, purchasing paper towels became quite a challenge and I was delighted to finally find Bounty Towels in the store. Unfortunately, they were the Bounty Essentials. It surprises me that you would want the "Bounty" name on the package. The product is hardly what I would consider the quality I associate with Bounty. I will definitely be cautious of labeling in the future!

    — Dianne
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  • Terrible!

    Worst Bounty product ever! I have used Bounty paper towels for years and this Bounty Essentials is worse than the cheap knockoff brands. They are thin and they shred when using. Thanks for the waste of $20 P

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  • Amazing Product..!!

    Really cleans, somewhat good odor but it only means the chemical must be good. We use it throughout the restaurant, in the kitchen and dinning room as well as the restrooms...!

    — Kenny
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    BOUNTY IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE!! We cannot find Bounty Basic anywhere, all we have found is this fake Bounty Essentials. They are a bad replacement for what used to be our go to paper towels. They are wound loosely, they are 1/2 the thickness of the Bounty Basic, they are less absorbent also. We use to be able to wipe up water with one towel then use the same towel to clean up something else. Now with these new one it takes at least 3 to get the spill up and they desolve into nothing.

    — Susan from Glenpool, Oklahoma
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  • Not worthy of being called Bounty

    I can no longer find Bounty Basic - my favorite paper towel! Now they have Bounty Essentials. Supposedly it's two ply - I'm not seeing it. I still have some Bounty Basics that are much better than these. Why do companies have to change products?!

    — from Cleveland, OH
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  • Bounty Essentials

    I have used Bounty Select- A-Size for many years and love them. They are thick and absorbent! My husband inadvertently picked up Bounty Essentials. This was a total waste of money. They are nothing like I’ve come to expect from Bounty. Very thin, no absorbency, and you have to use three times as many. Very disappointing.

    — Jeanne Brooks from Washington NC
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