Swiffer Wet Jet

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  • have you changed the swiffer pads formula

    the pads seem to be much thinner than they were and dont work nearly as well as before. it is not the same

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  • Poor quality product

    Only reason gave it one star they didn't have anything lower to choose. The first one I bought the motor broke off the pump after a month of use. I thought it was just a fluke so got another one it lasted a week same problem. My wife like them so got another one. This time it lasted a little over two months then the motor quit working. It had voltage at motor terminals diode check good so motor windings must be open. My advice don't waste your money.

    — Greg Cook from LaGrange, Georgia
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  • 40 years of using p&g products

    My mother always taught me it the cost but the quality of the product! I would appreciate if you can send me all kinds of coupons

    — PFigueroa from New Hampshire
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    Don't bother

    I bought the Swifter Wet Jet for personal home use. I waited a week to use it. I removed it from the box, got my magnifying glass to read the directions on the side of the box, and assembled the product. I then got a stronger magnifying glass to go with my reading glasses to read the instructions to insert the cleaning solution into the unit. I couldn't find if the button there was a lock, but everytime I touched, the solution ejected. I heard a click and the solution seemed to be secure. I placed the pad on the unit with the blue stripe towards the unit as the picture showed solid white away from the unit. It didn't stick. When I reversed it, it sticks. So, now I'm ready. I hit the button to begin. There is solution spraying and suddenly, pop, the solution ejects. I've done maybe a one foot section. I click it back in. I do another foot. Pop. This is repeated. I don't have my receipt. It was a little mistake I made by throwing it out, but this Swifter will be going the way of the receipt. It will not be replaced. My recommendation? Don't bother with this unless you can really see well, but be sure to save your receipt.

    — BPalermo1 from Roswell, GA
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