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  • Always adult underwear

    I bought A pack of 60 and the elastic is dead in them I am very disappointed in them thought I could trust Procter and Gamble

    — Imogene from Tennessee
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  • Top Liner

    P&G Always panty liners outshine all other brands in my book. I've used them for 30+ years, but they stopped making the ones I like, Lightly Scented. I understand that people don't want chemicals in certain areas, but now I have to purchase Summer's Eve spray to get the light fresh scent. Wish P&G would make that light scent in a spray. I would buy it.

    — Reece from USA
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  • No RED DYE for the commercial!

    Commercials generally use a blue dye to depict absorption.Dont need Drama of RED COLOR really!

    — from New Jersey
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    Always regular

    My family n friends use always regular with wings, packaging was changed few years back fyi people hate that. Havent been able to find them, once again i see changes.put only found regular without wings, dont care for those as active people they slide. I use slim also. I hope to see them back soon n more coupons

    — KTIMBLIN1 from CHICORA, Pennsylvania
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