Sustainability Objective

P&G Professional’s sustainability objective is to create value in the away-from-home industry with brands and products that our customers and their guests prefer, while conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Sustainability is built into everything we do and taken into account at every state of the product life cycle, from the selection of raw materials, to manufacturing, packaging, distribution, in-use and disposal.  Our approach ensures we’re providing total operational value as well as preserving environmental resources.

Our Approach

As a global company with operations in 180+ countries, we are committed to operating sustainably, and in fact, it is a deliberate business strategy. Our innovative products, systems and solutions are created with sustainability in mind, to not only deliver Total Operational Value for our customers, but environmental resource conservation to protect the environment.

This Means: 

  • Our products and systems make a real-world and meaningful difference to the environment.
  • All P&G Professional products provide outstanding performance while meeting high standards for human and environmental safety.
  • By conserving resources, we are able to deliver total operational value to our customers.

Green Begins with Clean

If you have to use more product, or do the job over, or if the end result is unsatisfactory – are you really being green?  There’s a clear environmental benefit in using innovative products from P&G Professional that work right the first time to help reduce overall chemical and resource usage, help reduce time and effort, and help reduce rework.