ISSA Lunch and Learn with Jan Matthews, Head of Cleaning and Catering, London 2012 Olympic Games

P&G Professional™ is proud to sponsor a lunch and learn session with Jan Matthews, Head of Cleaning and Catering, London 2012 Olympic Games at ISSA on Oct. 16, 2012. In charge of one of the largest events in the world, Ms. Matthews will provide her key learnings on the importance of proper cleaning and disinfection from the London 2012 Olympic Games. Also to be discussed are the extended benefits of a clean environment on customers’ first impressions and ensuring standards compliance among subcontractors. There will be ample time for an open Q&A on her Olympic experience. 

P&G Professional Hosted Panel Discussion on Disinfection at ISSA
P&G Professional will also host a panel discussion at ISSA titled, “Cleaning up the Communication on Disinfection” in which Ms. Matthews will be one of several experts featured. The expert panel with diverse backgrounds will discuss their experiences and opinions on the challenges associated with executing an effective cleaning and disinfecting process. The panel's focus will be on working toward defining "best practices" and identifying positive change solutions and process improvements. Audience members will have the opportunity to share their opinions and insights as well.

Why Disinfection?
The idea for the panel discussion on disinfection came about after a P&G Professional survey revealed a lack of consistency and clarity across the industry when it came to processes, procedures and best practices for cleaning and disinfecting.

“One of the most important things for professional cleaners to remember is that they must both clean and disinfect. Cleaning well allows disinfecting agents to work effectively. We believe that ultimately, multipurpose products provide the best value because, when used as directed, they can do both in a single step,” said Tom Bell, registered sanitarian, Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs, P&G Professional.

According to Bell, “it is also imperative that cleaning professionals follow the instructions on the product label – regardless of the brand of product being used. The manufacturer knows how to best use the product for optimal cleaning and/or disinfecting results. A simple spray and wipe will typically kill some germs, but we want everyone, whether they are our customer or not, to be as effective as possible at creating clean environments for their guests. We believe that following label instructions is one of the best ways to do that.” 

The development of this panel discussion was born from P&G Professional’s desire to help arm professional cleaners everywhere with the knowledge necessary to do the best job possible.  The experts featured on the panel will ensure a focused and impactful discussion.